Enter Eleven James, a aggregation that offers men the adventitious to try out a new watch for a few months at a time, by acceptance its associates to hire altered affluence watches several times a year. Like NetJets, which lets barter buy à la carte flights on clandestine planes, Hire the Runway for cher affair dresses and Bag Borrow or Steal for high-end handbags, Eleven James gives barter admission to affluence watches they may not be able to allow or may just wish to analysis out afterwards the five-figure bulk tag and lifetime commitment. Users accomplish two primary choices: what blazon of watches they wish to abrasion and how frequently they wish to change. There are currently three tiers, based on watches that retail for $10,000, $20,000 and $40,000. They again accept how abounding times they wish to about-face it up -- amid three and six times per year. They ample out a alternative area based on brands and styles theyre absorbed in, and plan with a babysitter to bulk out which watches theyll try next. Membership for the atomic big-ticket watches, brands like Breitling, Panerai and breitling replica , alpha at $199 per month, or $2,150 per year. On the top end, for watches like Patek Philippe and A. Lange & Sohne, it can ability $1,379 per month, or $14,900 per year. Related: 13 things to apperceive about the Apple Watch In an age if a alarm is displayed on any of the big-ticket cyberbanking accessories humans already carry, why would anyone pay to borrow a accessory that alone tells time? According to Randy Brandoff, Eleven James architect and CEO, the watch is still what makes an outfit, and theres a amazing bulk of ancestry and adroitness that abounding people, abnormally in the able sphere, still appreciate. But because its such a huge purchase, and a being can alone abrasion one at a time, the abstraction of accepting to try out a amount of altered watches afterwards aboriginal accepting to buy one is appealing, he said. Santo Rosabianca is one chump whod developed annoyed of his old Omega. But afterwards signing up with Eleven James, he al of a sudden had new options that ill-fitted his tastes -- a Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco to fit his Formula 1 fandom, and an Italian-made Panerai to address to his Italian heritage. "Everyone I accommodated adulation me and its brought me new business. Its a absolute chat starter," he said. "Ive been absolutely adored by it." Of course, it appeals to collectors who are absorbed by the abstraction of aggravating out all kinds of watches and models several times a year. But its aswell bringing in a new customer. "Were seeing millennials who, as adults, are accepting anytime added curious," he said. "Its a appealing big bound to go from an iPhone to a rolex replica , so they wish to try them out." Thats acceptable account for the watch industry, back Brandoff said the aggregation is alluring audience who werent yet accession or had become blah because they didnt accept any variety. It makes sense, then, that 85% of its associates said they were added acceptable to acquirement a watch aural the next year because of the service. Brent Handler was one of them. He concluded up purchasing the aboriginal watch he was beatific to try from Eleven James. He endemic a Cartier watch his wife bought him before, and didnt anticipate he bare to replica watches absorb $10,000 on addition one, until he became "enamored with" the Zenith watch he was borrowing. "Im 46 years old. I accept three kids. There arent that abounding new things that I get to experience," he said. "But if I get a alarm six times a year from a babysitter saying, what affectionate of watch do you want? thats something to attending advanced to." Eleven James aswell avoids the affliction that generally comes with accomplish a big watch purchase. Eric Wind, a contributor to the online watch annual Hodinkee, said that abounding humans complaining that they didnt apperceive that abundant about watches or didnt apperceive what they would like if they bought an big-ticket watch, and again theyre ashore with it. "Watch tastes about advance over time and the affluence watch rental casework accommodate users with that article of time -- literally," he said.